Thought Starters

I was invited to tag along on a 5 day river trip down the Green River, starting in Utah and ending up in Colorado. Joining over 20 people from Arizona, I was pleasantly surprised to really enjoy the scenery and tranquility of living on and off the river, totally secluded by the canyon walls.

After the trip, I put together a package that consisted of a picture slideshow, editing down to approximately 300 frames of pictures, negative film converted to digital files, along with movie clips to add an audio element in capturing the adventures and sights, all preserved on a DVD (or memory stick if you prefer). Lastly, a 5 x 7 print of the sweeping canyon-scape was thrown in.

Other ideas…

  • you’re moving and want to capture your neighborhood and favorite hang outs e.g. restaurants, parks, hiking trails …
  • the birth of your child including the trip to the hospital, shots of the child’s first hours and/or day and the first day home
  • that annual ski trip you take on your birthday
  • that annual Memorial Day camping trip
  • yes, we do weddings, but how about thinking of including the Bachelor and Bachelorette’s parties
  • your first, 5th or 10th Fourteen’er (aka hikes on mountains over 14,000 feet)

Now, consider not only a one-time engagement of services for a single event, but a project that will take some time; in other words, multiple sessions.  For example:

  • your backyard landscaping project, before and after shots… even the first backyard BBQ party to celebrate finishing this milestone
  • the new puppy the first day you get him, then coming back to capture its personality developing

Contact me to discuss your ideas. Let’s make it happen!

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